You Can Make Your Own Candle Out Of Nuts

Having a source of light and heat is very important when you are in a survival scenario. It doesn’t matter if it is a natural disaster or if you are dealing with a zombie apocalypse, unless you have light and heat, you are not going to survive very long.

Of course, most of us try to have what we need in our go-bag and we may pack away plenty of matches and a lighter or two. These are important survival tools, but they are by no means the only tools we should have at our disposal.

If you need to make a makeshift candle, what are you going to use? We’ve actually seen candles made out of a wide variety of items, including crayons and even a stick of butter. That’s all well and good, but sometimes you are not going to have those luxury items around in a SHTF scenario.

That is where this interesting trick comes in. Since you will likely have a source of protein packed away for use in the event of an emergency, you could also use that protein as an emergency candle. All it would require is that you pack some Brazil nuts in your go-bag.

Quite simply, Brazil nuts pack a lot of nutrition and they can really keep you going when the going gets tough. As it turns out, however, they also provide an excellent resource where we can light a candle if necessary. How do you do it?

Actually, the method is relatively simple. You simply grab a Brazil nut, making sure that it is raw and clean. You could hold it sideways and then using a match or lighter, light the end of the Brazil nut.

It is best if you light the smaller end of the Brazil nut because you can use a larger end to set it upright. The oil within the nut will cause it to burn and it also uses the fiber in the nut as a type of fuel. It will burn for a very long time.

There may also be other types of nuts that can burn such as this. It isn’t actually the nut that is burning, it is the oil within the nut that keeps the flame from going out. It is almost the perfect fuel for this type of need and as long as you have one available, you can have a fire at your disposal.

Admittedly, we would not necessarily want to burn up all of our food to use as fire but in a survival scenario, this little trick may make a difference between you seeing at night and being in the dark.

Watch the makeshift candle being made here: