Cut Your Survival Wood Using Water

When you are in a survival scenario, you need many things. We try to be as minimalistic as possible but we also realize that without the essentials, we are not going to survive very long.

The first, and most important thing for us to do is to find food, water, and shelter. Those three things are essential for life but we soon start to think about other items we may need, such as cut wood.

Firewood is one thing and often, we can gather wood from various areas just burn. That is especially true if we are in an area where a disaster occurred because wood seems to be plentiful.

The problem is, if we don’t have the ability to cut wood, we may not be able to find the right size. In addition, there may be times that we have to cut wood and we don’t necessarily have the right tools available to do so. That is when this nifty trick comes in handy.

Have you ever noticed how water has the ability to wear something down? If you look at a stream or river, you will notice that the rocks have been worn over the course of time. Water has a lot of power, and when it is under pressure, it has even more power.

That is why you can use the power of water in order to cut all of the wood you need. All you really need is water under pressure using a pressure washer and the right size nozzle. When you have that available, you have the ability to cut all the wood you want.

With a 0 nozzle, water coming out of a pressure washer is under an extreme amount of pressure. It is pushed down into a very small stream and you can use the power of that stream to cut wood. In fact, you would be surprised with how much wood you are able to cut with just a little bit of water.

What are some of the scenarios that you can use this trick? You may need to cut wood down to size so that you can use it for fire. You might also need to cut wood so that you can build something as a temporary shelter.

It may seem funny to think about using a pressure washer in a time of distress but it actually may be one of the tools that we have available. Use it to cut all the wood you need and then you can use it to clean up a little after the storm has passed.

Watch it in action in the following video: