Start a Fire Even If You Only Have a Dead Lighter

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare, it’s important to know how to handle situations when you don’t have what you need. Many of us are so prepared with our bug out bag that we feel we could handle any scenario.

If you were to get out in a survival scenario and suddenly find that you are missing something important, how would you react? Would it just be a matter of picking one up conveniently? Probably not.

One of the things that we likely have in our go bag is a lighter. These are a very important tool and they can really save us in a survival scenario. At the same time, however, we may find that a lighter isn’t always there and even if we have one packed, that doesn’t mean it is going to work.

A packed lighter can easily cause problems because, if the button is pushed accidentally inside of the bag, it could cause all of the gas on the inside to leak out. This is a problem because when you need the lighter the most, you will find that it only sparks and does not light.

What do you do when you find yourself in the situation? If you are like most people, you may begin to panic a little. If you know the trick we are about to share with you, however, you will smile as you use the dead lighter to start a fire.

There are a few things that you will need to start a fire with a dead lighter. You will need the lighter itself and you will need a piece of paper, preferably a paper towel or piece of toilet paper. You want to make sure that the paper burns as quickly as possible.

The second step is to slowly scrape the wheel of the lighter across the flint. Try to do so without making a spark. The trick is, you want to peel off as much of the flint as possible and allow it to fall into the towel you have available.

It may take some time but eventually, you will have a considerable pile of flint to use. You can then find an area where the wind is not blowing and use the lighter to spark the flint that is in the paper towel or toilet paper.

As soon as the flint sparks, it will start a small fire. Make sure that you have some kindling available so that you can keep the fire going. You can then put the lighter back in your go-bag so you can use it again and again in the same way.

Watch it happen in real time in the following video: