Make Your Own Miniature Stove Out Of a Soda Can

One important item that we should all have in our go bag is a stove. What if you find yourself in an emergency situation, however, and you don’t have your go bag with you? You know you need a portable stove, and you do have options.

One option to consider is the possibility of turning some aluminum cans into a makeshift miniature stove. This can be done in advance, and it works really well because you have a miniature item that can be made for pennies and it will prove to be a valuable part of your go bag.

Begin by using sandpaper to remove the finish, including the paint, off of the bottom of two aluminum cans. After emptying the contents of the can out, you can cut the bottom off using a razor knife.

In order to keep the size of the cans uniform, you can put the razor knife at a book and then spin the can around to cut it at the bottom. You will then need to gently force one of the cans into the other to slightly stretch out the top.

Put some fiberglass in one of the can bottoms to hold the fuel. You then get to the tricky part, you need to get the two cans together facing the opposite direction.

If you stretched out the one can lip properly, it will be able to fit down in but you may need to use a small shim from the can you cut to get it started. Once it starts slipping together, force it the rest of the way together.

Use a thumbtack to punch a few holes in the center of the top. This is where you will pour the fuel once the device is made. Heet works perfect for this and it can be stored in your go bag.

You would also use the same thumbtack to punch some of the fuel jet holes around the outside of the top can. This is where the fire is going to come out, fueled by what is inside.

At this point, simply fill the inside of the can with the fuel and then heat the bottom for a few minutes so it will sustain the flame. You can then light the flame at the holes you created for fuel jets.

One other thing you may need to make is a portable holder that will keep the item being heated lifted above the makeshift stove. You can easily make this out of a coat hanger.

Make sure you have one or more of these available in your go bag and remember how to make them, because you never know when you may need one.

Watch the video of how it is done below: