If You Have a Soda Can and a Chocolate Bar, You Have a Fire

There are a few things that we absolutely need in order to survive. We need to have water, shelter, and food. There are also some things that we could use for our comfort and survival as well as these, and fire is certainly included in that mix.

Can we survive without fire? Yes, in many cases we can but there are also situations in which fire is going to make the difference between life and death. It is vitally important that we keep this in mind, and that we are prepared to get a fire going with very little preparation.

Although we may have many items to start a fire in our go bag, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are prepared to start a fire in an emergency. Sometimes we will not have our go bag with us and in some cases, we just need to use what we have at our disposal.

Believe it or not, it is possible to start a fire with some of the strangest items. Included in that mix is the ability to start a fire if we only have a chocolate bar and an aluminum can. Surprisingly enough, those are the only items that are need aside from some tinder and firewood.

The whole process starts with using a piece of chocolate to rub the bottom of the aluminum can. After rubbing for a while, it will leave a thin residue on the can which we will rub off with a cloth or paper towel.

Continue to do this over and over until the can is shiny, almost like a mirror. The shinier it is, the easier it is going to be to use it to start a fire. We may have to polish the can with a chocolate bar many times.

Incidentally, you are leaving some chocolate residue on the can but you may also be leaving some aluminum residue on the candy bar. Don’t eat the part of the candy bar that has touched the can because it could be toxic.

After shining up the top of the can as much as possible, hold it so that the sun reflects off of it and onto the tinder. Think of it as what you would do if you had a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun in one small location.

It may take some adjustment to get the can just the right distance from the firewood and to position it just right so that the sun is shining in that area. Once you get it right, however, you will find that the fire starts very quickly. At that point, just keep it going.

Watch this interesting way of starting a fire happen in the following video: