Make Your Own Hand Warmers at Home – and They Are Reusable

In a survival situation, one of the things that is imperative is that we keep our body temperature at an acceptable level. If you happen to get stuck in such a situation in the wintertime, then you will need a ready source of heat.

Of course, we would want to build a fire as soon as possible and have it at our disposal but what if you were traveling and couldn’t have a fire? You could simply use these homemade hand warmers that are easy to create and you can use them over and over again.

The beauty of this particular project is the fact that you can make them at home with items that you probably already have around the house. All you need to do is get a large pot for boiling, some vinegar, and some baking soda.

Poor 4 cups of vinegar in the pot and then add 4 teaspoons of baking soda. Mix it in the pot until it is thoroughly dissolved.

The next step is to boil almost all of the water out of the pot. This is something that would require ventilation because vinegar is not exactly the best smelling stuff in the world. Don’t worry, it’s going to be well worth it.

When most of the water has been boiled off of the pot, continue to watch it very carefully. You are looking for a film to appear on the edge of the fluid. Once that appears, you are ready to go.

Now that you have only a small amount of fluid left, you should pour it off into a container. It should be a light yellow color. Put it in the refrigerator to cool.

This is where the fun stuff comes in. Add some of the liquid to a small plastic bag and seal it. You could pick up medicine bags at the drugstore that are just right for this purpose. They will fit into the palm of the hand easily.

In order to activate the hand warmer, you should take a crystal out of the pot that just was used to boil the vinegar. Drop that crystal into the bag and watch the magic take place.

In the beginning, we told you that these were reusable, and here is how to do it. After the hand warmer is no longer warm, you can put the bag into a pot of water and heat it. Eventually, the solidified gel inside of the bag will melt and it will be ready to start again.

Watch how to do it step-by-step in the following video: