Create Small Waterproof Containers Using Bottle Caps

If there is one thing we have a need for in survival, it’s storage. When you stop to think about it, we need to store everything from food to water and even, at times, medication. How can we do this effectively?

If you’ve ever looked into survival containers, you realize that they can be expensive. In addition, you don’t have the benefit of making something yourself and you might not have exactly what you need to care for this.

That is where these unique soda cap containers come in. They are designed so that you can easily make them at home with very few tools and in the end, you will have some convenient containers that you can store almost anything tiny inside.

In order to get started, you will need to gather several bottles with the caps still included, a hotel key card, some epoxy, and a clamp. You can either use a bench vise for this or you can use a C-clamp, which will work just as well.

Begin by clamping one of the bottles by the cap inside of the vise. Cut carefully along the top of the cap using a hacksaw. For this, you will want to have that extra piece of plastic that holds the cap in place before the bottle is opened. That will be your guide.

Do the same thing for a second bottle. You will want to have them as clean as possible, so you can use some sandpaper to get them close to the edge of the cap. You can also use the sandpaper to rough up the hotel room key before using it.

Draw a circle on the hotel room key using one of the caps. After cutting it out, you will have a nice piece of material that will go between the two caps after they are attached together.

Mix up your two-part epoxy and then carefully but quickly work your way around the cap. Insert the hotel room key in between and put the other cap on top after applying epoxy to it. You can let it set on its own or apply a small amount of pressure using a clamp.

After waiting a few hours, the caps will be ready for storage. You can store many different things inside of them, such as pills or even pieces of matches. They will be waterproof and will even float, so you have something that can certainly be used in a survival scenario.

This is one of those tips that you really need to take and run with it. You never know when a situation is going to come up where you will need storage and these little handy storage containers will prove to be very beneficial.

Watch them being made in this video: