Make Your Own Heavy Duty Hand Wipes

If there is one thing we have become accustomed to today, is the fact that we need to keep our hands clean. The pandemic has taught us that, but what if things end up going to the next level?

A pandemic is really something that comes and goes but what if we find ourselves in a situation where we have to face the possibility of danger day after day. The fact that we need to be clean is not going to change and you might be surprised with how much of a difference it will make in your ability to survive.

When the pandemic first started, we saw that the shelves in stores were quickly stripped of some of the essential items. This included everything from toilet paper to hand wipes and sanitary gel. Don’t let this happen to you.

Rather than struggling with the masses, trying to grab the last item off of the shelf, you can make your own sanitary wipes and they are much better than the ones you would buy at the store.

Not only will the sanitary wipes stand up to a lot of abuse, they are also going to be strong enough in the cleansing department that you will be happy with how you feel. You can use them to clean your hands or to clean surfaces regularly.

The real key is having the proper items in advance. As far as the ingredients are concerned, you only need a few items. You need to have a small container, some Pine-Sol, and some shop towels.

After you cut a small slit in the top so that you can pull the sanitary wipes through, you will measure the shop towels by putting the roll down in the container. Make sure that you measure slightly below that level so that you can still get the lid on after the towels have been cut.

At that point, you can use a hacksaw or another, similar item to cut through the towels at that line. You can then put that small roll of towels inside of the container and fill it with the cleaning solution.

In this particular case, we used Pine-Sol but you may also find it beneficial to use other items, such as peroxide or perhaps another cleaning solution. Even rubbing alcohol is going to be ideal, especially for cleaning your hands.

After allowing the towels to soak you will simply pull one out of the center up through the groove that you cut in the lid of the container. From that point, simply continue to pull one after the other and you will have heavy duty, durable, and very effective wipes to care for you and your family.

Watch it happen in this video: