How to Make an Alcohol Stove from a Beer Can

There are many things that we don’t give the credit they deserve but when we don’t have them in a survival scenario, we suddenly miss them terribly. One of those is the ability to cook food.

Of course, we can pack items in our go bag, such as a makeshift stove and some fuel in order to cook food for a while. Eventually, however, we may run short of fuel and we might even be looking for another way to make food hot.

That is where this interesting trick comes in. If you happen to have a beer can available, regardless of whether it is yours or if you found one, you can actually make a makeshift stove out of it. It works excellent and if you take your time and make it right, you can be making food in no time at all.

After you have the beer can you will need to cut it into two separate pieces. This will include the neck of the bottle, which should be cut about 6 inches long and then you will need a second piece, which is from the bottom of the can. They should both be the same length.

After you have those two pieces, you will have to force the top end of the can into the bottom of it. You can do this by putting the 2 x 4 over top of it and gently hammering it down into place. It may take some time and you need to line things up properly, but it should fit perfectly.

Next, you will need to use a point of your knife or a thumbtack to make some holes around the edge of the can. These are the holes that the flames will come out when it is working properly.

That really is all there is to it, you can now fill it with rubbing alcohol or some other type of fuel and light it on fire. It will take a few moments before the fire burns down enough but eventually, the flames will start coming out of the side vents.

As you saw in the picture at the beginning, it looks almost like a miniature stove that you would buy in the store. The fire will heat the food that you have suspended above the cans.

You can use this survival stove as many times as you need and the beauty of it is, if it does wear out, you can always grab another can of beer and make a new one.

Watch it being done for yourself in this video: