This video was uploaded by the YouTube channel KGB Survivalist, a channel devoted to survival tips and life hacks. The channel’s host demonstrates a very easy way to have homemade cleaning wipes in no time at all. However, this method isn’t the only way to make cleaning wipes from home. There are a number of other “recipes” for people interested in DIY cleaning wipes that can be easily found online. One of the methods that I’m particularly interested in uses natural cleaning ingredients like white vinegar and water as opposed to store-bought products that contain harsher chemicals. Have you ever [More]
This Video talks about how to store gas safely in your garage. This is NOT a video on how to store thousands of gallons but just enough (for a residential situation) to Bug Out or use your generator if you have to. The more gas you store the better, but be safe! I forgot to mention in this video that you SHOULD NOT fill your gas cans up all the way so that the gas can expand in a plastic container. That’s why you should let the air out of the can every once in a while. Have a number [More]
Learn how to make a burn bowl from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast. If you had a pot it would be easy to cook. If you have a nice campfire, a nice cooking fire, sometimes you might find yourself without a pot. If you don’t have a pot you’re going to need to improvise and make a bowl. The bowl that I’ve made right here, or I’m making, is called a burn bowl. It’s made by taking pieces of coal, putting them in the bowl, blowing on them until you get [More]